Nurturing Ourselves

By:  Natalie Garvey

Often people first seek outside help when they are looking to relieve some kind of distress that is going on in their daily lives.  Many of them come seeking services for stress relief.  In today’s world, we live in a “stressful” environment where we are constantly bombarded by streams of information simultaneously impacting our awareness (TV, radio, wi-fi, visual advertising, conversations, deadlines, etc.), which creates an inherent stress for our bodies and minds not to mention the added stressors of finances, health, problems with a loved one, and so many more.

As we search for relief to cope with the daily demands of life, there are two options:  One is to numb out and avoid with distractions like, food, shopping, technology, etc.  The other is to become aware of the stressors and choose actions that nurture self-care.

Here are some simple remedies for relief:

  • Take time to move your body
  • Make an appointment with yourself to sit quietly and go within – meditation
  • Smile at a stranger and look them in the eyes
  • Help a fellow human in need
  • Listen to something that you find uplifting or soothing while you drive


A person’s stress level is determined by their perception, not the event or action itself.  Stress is a given in our daily lives and as such demands to be noticed.  Some of the examples listed above only require 1-5 minutes a day, so there is no excuse for not having enough time.  If you are physically or emotionally experiencing symptoms of stress, today is the perfect opportunity to try something new and start feeling better!



The Law of Detachment says that in detachment lies the wisdom of uncertainty, in it lies the freedom from our past, from the known, which is the prison of past conditioning. And in our willingness to step into the unknown, the field of all possibilities, we surrender ourselves to the creative mind that orchestrates the dance of the universe.

What would you think if I told you inner detachment is important for success? Would you believe me?

I can hear you saying, “What does inner detachment have to do with success? Isn’t detachment a state of indifference? How can one attain success with such a state of mind?”

Inner detachment is not indifference! One can lead a normal, ordinary life, and yet display inner mental and emotional detachment.

True inner detachment manifests as the ability to think clearly and to be immune to what people say or think about you. It enables you to have more control over your moods and states of mind, and therefore, enjoy inner balance, harmony and peace.

You will surely agree that all the above-mentioned qualities and abilities are important to attain success!

Things don´t always turn out as expected. Sometimes, plans don’t work out as we planned, or people don’t keep their promises or let us down. There are times when unforeseen obstacles stand in our way. All this can dampen anyone’s spirit and weaken his or her motivation. A state of emotional and mental detachment will prevent all this. A person possessing detachment will not be affected or daunted by obstacles or failures and will try time and again.

Detachment goes with the ability to weigh the pros and cons of situations, circumstances and actions in an impartial way, and to make rational decisions, which are not based on moods. It is possible to acquire this ability. Still, this requires training and inner work. You will find below a few suggestions to help you start. Follow them, and you will gain inner detachment, inner strength and inner peace.

1. Pay more attention to your thoughts, feelings and state of mind.

2. Remind yourself every now and then how important it is to be calm, relaxed and in control of yourself.

3. When you want to say or do something that is not really important, wait a few seconds before talking or acting.

4. When aware of anger arising in you, delay your reaction for a few seconds.

Commit today to detachment! And tell yourself this: I will allow myself and those around me the freedom to be as they are. I will not rigidly impose my ideas of how things should be. I will not force solutions on problems, thereby creating new problems. I will participate in everything with detached involvement. Through the wisdom of uncertainty, I will find my security.

Have a great day!

Sure we all want to be happy. Some days it just seems harder to smile or even to feel peaceful with all our problems and daily stress.

At Inner Balance we want to help. We want you to feel good every day and because of this, we’ll give you some tips to achieve or increase happiness. Small things can make a difference. We suggest you make a list and promise yourself to reach at least 3 of these per day. Soon you’ll feel much better!

If you aren’t sure what makes you feel happy, experiment. Try different things. Find out what you enjoy most. The answers just might surprise you.

Always look at the bright side. The mind may drag you to think about negativity and difficulties. Don’t let it! Look at the good and positive side of every situation.

Think of solutions, not problems. Sure we can’t avoid having problems, but you can try to take a look at them from another perspective

Surround yourself with others who are happy. 
If you’re around people who are happy, that will also transfer to you. You’ll learn their habits and to react the way they do when something bad happens.

Listen to relaxing, uplifting music. Also, each day, devote some time to read a few pages of an inspiring book or article.

Think about what you have to be thankful for, and silently thank those who have done something good for you in some way. When possible, take the time to call them or email them to say thank you. 

Each day do something good for yourself. It can be something small, such as buying a book, eating something you love, watching you favorite program on TV, going to a movie, or just having some time to pamper yourself.

Each day do at least one thing to make others happy. When you make someone happy, you become happy, and then people try to make you happy. This can be a kind word, helping your colleagues, stopping your car at the crossroad to let people cross, giving your seat in the bus to someone else, or giving a small present to someone you love.

Our last advice… Notice small things! It seams something obvious but we know people tend to underestimate simple things. 
Try to notice when you feel good, or you aren´t troubled, or you taste something really delicious, anything. Noticing the little things will help keep you focused on the present.

Which of these small things do you choose for your life? Think about it…

Finding Inner peace and balance are fundamental for managing the stress of everyday life. Today, more people are suffering from anxiety and depression than ever before…so why should you find inner balance? To help promote positive changes for a healthy body, calm mind, and harmonious spirit. By taking the time for self-care you can nurture yourself and take care of the whole you.

With the right balance, you can do almost anything that you set your mind to! Burning through life deeply steeped in chaos is an unhealthy way to engage with your present and future.

But, what do inner peace and inner balance really mean? According to the Internet Magazine “Today’s Healthy Minute”, inner peace and inner balance mean the presence of self-control and discipline and the ability not to let outside events influence our emotions, actions, and reactions. Their presence means having common sense and good judgment, and not letting the outside world shake our inner world.

Achieving inner balance is possible and it is easier than you may think.  Here are three simple steps for achieving emotional freedom.

Step One:  Make Healthy Choices With Your Goals in Mind

Step Two: Prioritize and Simplify Your Life

Step Three: Learn to Control your Thoughts – especially the negative chatter

Learn more about these three steps through Inner Balance’s services.

Developing inner strength and the ability to quiet the mind, through concentration exercises, meditation, visualizations, or affirmations will take you a long way toward attaining and maintaining inner balance and peace.

We, at Inner Balance, encourage you to make these steps part of your daily life. In no time, you´ll realize your life will be so much better, you won´t want to go back.

Have a great day!

What makes you smile? Is it finding out someone likes you, hearing a baby giggle or waking up on a Saturday and realizing it is the weekend? Take a few seconds to think about something that makes you happy…and then keep reading.

 When you are feeling down and you smile, you will notice how your mood changes. Smiling lifts your spirits and dramatically improves your mood. Dr. Nigel Carter stated, “We have long been drawing attention to the fact that smiling increases happiness both in yourself and those around you, so it is good to receive the backing of this scientific research. A healthy smile can improve your confidence, help you make friends and help you to succeed in your career.” According to the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology those with more positive perceptions of their own aging lived an average of 7.5 years longer.

At Inner Balance, we encourage you to smile as much as possible.

A good smile can brighten up the room. People who smile frequently are perceived to be more in control, at ease and attractive than those who don’t.  They have a more positive effect on their environment, and are better received by others.  However, a genuine smile may do more than just improve your appearance. New research has found a strong connection between smiling and your general health and wellbeing.  On the other hand, frowns, scowls and grimaces all push people away, but a smile draws them in. Smiling is a very important part of connecting and getting to know someone.  

 Now how does that sound?

Well, that´s not all. Smiling may help reduce symptoms associated with anxiety. Mark Stibich, PhD, consultant at Columbia University, believes that If you can slow your breathing down and change your expression, you may be able reduce stress. Chronic stress does significant damage to the body and mind. Reducing stress may lower blood pressure, improve digestion, regulate blood sugar and curb neurotic reactions brought on by prolonged anxiety.

Now that you know smiling is good for you, can you think of a reason not to? Smiling will have a positive impact on your day and in your life. You can’t help but have a better attitude when you smile

It´s really simple, just try it out!!!

Life is like a mirror; we get the best results when we smile at it.  ~Author Unknown

Having a new baby can be the most wonderful experience in a woman’s life and it is also a completely life changing process.  It is a time full of powerful emotional shifts ranging from ecstatic joy to paralyzing anxiety beginning prior to conception and lasting through the first year of the baby’s life.  Many mothers experience mood changes throughout this time period; however, others may experience these changes as more intense or longer lasting.  This may be postpartum depression.

What are the symptoms?

The symptoms related to identifying the depression may vary among women. At the beginning, the symptoms may appear to be “baby blues”, which over 80% of women experience in the first few weeks following birth.  However, if the feelings continue to linger on or start making it difficult for the mother to take care of her baby or handle her regular tasks, it may be postpartum depression. Some of the most common symptoms are:

ü  Insomnia

ü  Loss of appetite

ü  Mood swings

ü  Intense irritability and anger

ü  Overwhelming fatigue

ü  Thoughts of harming the baby or even herself

ü  Loss of interest in sex

ü  Lack of joy

ü  Feelings of shame, guilt or inadequacy

ü  Difficulty bonding with the baby

ü  Distanced from family and friends

If you have these symptoms and they don’t seem to go away after 3 weeks, it is important to seek professional help or talk to your doctor. Remember that untreated postpartum depression may last for a year or longer and can become chronic depression.  At Inner Balance, our experienced psychologist can help if you are going through this.  It is helpful to know that many women struggle with these feelings and you are not alone.  We can help you start feeling better so that you will be able to enjoy your baby and be the amazing mother you are and want to be.

We will talk about causes and complications in our next article.

If not, this might interest you! There are many things that future moms should know before making one of the most important decisions in their life. Taking care of babies is a full time job and there are many responsibilities that come with motherhood; therefore, we want to be prepared in every step of this marvelous process. Pregnancy is a process which helps the future mother get ready for the days to come.  It’s a transition period in which a woman not only prepares physically but also mentally.  The birth experience deeply impacts a woman’s transition into becoming a mother emotionally and physically.

Doulas are experienced professionals who provide continuous physical, emotional and informational support, to the mother before, during and just after birth; they also give emotional and practical support during the postpartum period.

Studies have shown that when Doulas attend births, labor is shorter with fewer complications, and babies are healthier and breastfeeded more easily.

A Birth Doula will help by:

  • Recognizing birth as an experience the mother will remember all her life;
  • Understanding the emotional needs of a woman in labor and the physiology of birth;
  • Assisting women in preparing their plans for birth and carrying them out;
  • Staying with the expectant mother throughout the labor process;
  • Providing emotional support, physical comfort measures, as well as helping the woman get the information she needs to make decisions;
  • Facilitating communication between the laboring woman, her partner and her care providers;
  • Allowing the expectant mothers’ partner to participate at his/her comfort level.

Do you think a Doula would be positive for your personal experience? Recent studies showed that the quality services of a Postpartum Doula can ease the transition that comes with a new baby in a family, improve parents’ satisfaction, and reduce the risk of mood disorders or depressions.

On our next article we will talk about how a Postpartum Doula can help you. Inner Balance offers you support every step of the way.


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